How to be a Content Creator for Teens

Establish your personal brand, create digital media content, and build a personal website that will enhance your college or job application.


  • Do you know a teen who has an interest in social media, blogging, vlogging, and other digital media?
  • Did you know that your teen can use digital media to develop a positive online personal brand that could help them when they apply for college or a job?
  • Do you know a teen who is looking for a supportive and encouraging community of other digital media creators?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then read on!

According to a 2015 Kaplan Test Prep survey, 40% of college admissions officers browse social media profiles to learn more about admissions candidates. That means it’s pretty likely that decision-makers at colleges and scholarship-granting organizations are taking a peek at social media profiles.

The 2015 Recruiter Nation Survey by Jobvite found that 92% of recruiters leverage social media networks as a part of their job.

The internet can be a scary place and many of us are quick to discourage youth from using digital devices. However, as digital media continues to evolve, your student's online presence will become increasingly important for the college/job application process as well as professional networking for future career opportunities. With a positive personal brand, your student can establish credibility, connect with people in an industry of interest, and discover opportunities to pursue their passion.

This class provides resources and step-by-step walkthroughs to help students:

  • Develop self-awareness and establish a personal brand
  • Improve communication skills with storytelling
  • Learn how to use different types of digital media, including blogs, vlogs, photos, graphics, social media, podcasts
  • Practice safe and responsible use of the internet
  • Explore their creativity with media projects

How do you establish a personal brand?

Self-awareness is the first step in personal branding but it can be a difficult process for someone with little experience advocating for themselves. In this class, I walk your teen through the process of self reflection, getting feedback, and developing a personal brand statement.

How do you create compelling content?

Whether it's a college application, an essay, a job interview, a vlog, or a post on social media, storytelling can make any content more captivating. This class describes the basic building blocks of a story and how they can be applied to any type of digital content.

Which digital medium is the best?

Depending on your student's preferences and goals, a combination of digital media and social media platforms can be used to showcase their personal brand.

My student has never written a blog, made a video, or created digital content. Will they be able to keep up?

Yes! In this class, I break down the basics of using each type of digital media. Additionally, part of the class includes #MAKEMEDIAMADNESS - a challenge to create small projects using each medium to help your teen develop their confidence, communication skills, and creativity.

How will they know if they're doing it right?

Students enrolled in the course will receive an invitation to a private Facebook community where they can view each other's projects, participate in discussions, give/receive feedback, and collaborate. (Anyone can take this course but the Facebook group is only open to teens.)

Does my student need to have social media accounts?

It is not required since all projects can be submitted through the website. However, a lot of the curriculum explains how social media can help one to connect with a target audience. A Facebook account is required to join the private Facebook group.

By the end of the class, your student will be able to create digital media content and build their own personal website so that they can showcase their achievements, extracurricular activities, interests, and goals. There are plenty of free tools and apps available. Any digital equipment they need, they probably already have - a smartphone is just fine!

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Here is a free tutorial to help your student create a LinkedIn Profile.

“Heather your course is amazing!! It's already helped me so much, and I've come up with a brand statement that I'm proud of and that I will stick to for sure and it’s helped me come up with so many videos! Thank you so much for the course!!

Stephen, High school freshman

"I guess you could say I was a passive user when it came to digital and social media. As a non-profit marketing director, I use it in my professional life. In my personal life, I occasionally snap photos of food and write reviews about restaurants I visit.

It wasn’t until Heather and Sharespark Media opened my eyes to all of the untapped potential that I was holding onto. I didn’t have the right understanding of the powerful tools at my disposal. But going through the resources that Sharespark Media provides changed all of that for me.

Through Sharespark Media, I learned how to stay ahead of all of the new updates to social media. I learned how to create a video, edit it, and optimize it so friends and complete strangers can watch me eat or cook on ‪#‎YouTube‬. I learned how to hear or watch myself on camera without cringing.

But the greatest benefit I have found is this surge of creative energy in my life now. My confidence has also increased—I am no longer afraid of putting myself out there. It is more than learning these new skills and concepts with technology—that will always be around. Heather and Sharespark Media helped me realize that we can all be creators of digital media to share what’s most important to us with the world."

James Le, Vlogger


Your student can use digital media to develop a positive online personal brand that can be beneficial when applying for college or a job.

Class Curriculum

Your Instructor


The internet can be a dangerous place and digital media can be isolating. However, I truly believe in the incredible power and potential of digital media in helping one to achieve their personal and professional goals because that's what happened to me.

Most of my career has been in marketing and communications but I've been making videos since "vlogs" were called "home movies" (Back then, I had to use two VCRs to edit!). Being born in 1985 put me in a unique position between two generations that had drastically different ways of life. The generation before me grew up in a time where the internet and digital media didn't exist but the generation after hasn't known a world without them.

I grew up alongside the internet. I was one of the first users of YouTube and Facebook. When I started a nonprofit and my small businesses, I had to learn how to creatively brand and market myself on these new platforms. I also worked with youth for six years so I've taught several students (and their parents) how to productively and responsibly use digital media.

These classes are based on my knowledge, research, and personal experience. As digital media continues to evolve, the way we use them to connect and communicate will also evolve... because all of this is still new. New features, new platforms, and new devices are constantly being developed, tested, and released. YOU can define how we use these tools using your own story. So, let me help you learn how you can use digital media to share your story and spark your potential.

Heather Ramirez is the founder of Sharespark Media, the movement to educate and empower people to utilize digital media to achieve meaningful goals. Visit the website at

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